Reading with your child at a young age is a wonderful bonding activity and teaches communication, listening, memory, and vocabulary skills.

In this picture book collaboration with award winning Canadian children's author, Sheree Fitch, a child's imagination soars during playtime with their beloved Lulu doll and blanket.

A keepsake quality padded board book, this is the perfect addition to a little one's "my first books" collection. 

Soft padded cover
Baby safe: rounded corners
8.75” (22cm) square
22 pages of watercolour illustrations
Expertly written for age 0+
Heirloom quality

A Lulu Lullaby Book

$15.99 USD

Brand Lulujo
SKU: LJ820

Customer Reviews

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Cindy Woods
I have purchased these as

I have purchased these as gifts and I have not given them yet. I am happy with the 3 items I have purchased but they are still in their plastic.

Jennifer J.
Adorable book

I bought both the lulu lullaby and the Rock-a baby Jo books for my daughter who was 1.5 years old at the time, because she loves books. They quickly became her favourites! She loves to be able to turn the pages herself, and she likes that lulu does things like her, like take a bath! Highly recommend, it’s a sweet board book, and very sturdy - she hasn’t made a mark in it yet, and she’s not always gentle with her enthusiasm for books :).

Thanks so much for sharing! So happy to hear your daughter is enjoying the stories!

Holly W.
All the small town feels in a book!

I was ecstatic when I heard about the collaboration on this book! As a child I loved the books of Sheree Fitch. I already had years of loving Lulujo swaddles and blankets for my girls and this was something completely different for the company and I was thrilled for them. I’ve been using products from the company for over 6 years now. To write a book is just one more level of inspiring, as a Lulujo fan I was super proud of the team. Being an avid reader as a mom this was just so exciting, I couldn’t wait to share this book with my girls. So much so we packed up the family and drove to NS to Sheree’s book shop for the official launch of the book. It was a fun experience for our family and we loved hearing Sheree read the book, and getting a photo and a signed copy. It’s a memory I doubt I’ll ever forget.
Often our favourite books are attached to memories I hope my girls will always remember why this was a special book to our family.
If you are looking for a sweet story that’s got a lot of great history, add this to your cart. You won’t regret it. Grab the doll too she’s perfect :)

Thanks for sharing and for being part of that special day of the book launch. This was such a special project for us.

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