Muslin Sleep Sacks

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Use this baby sleep sack as a wearable blanket to keep little ones warm while they sleep and to eliminate loose blankets in the crib. 

Our muslin sleep sacks are made with two layers of soft, breathable muslin with a 1.0 TOG rating. Wear over pyjamas for extra comfort. 

1.0 TOG rating 

Two layers of 100% cotton muslin

The one-way zipper is secured at the top to keep the neck opening closed for safety

What are baby sleep sacks for?

Sleep sacks, aka wearable blankets, provide an extra layer of warmth without restricting a baby’s arms. The standard sleep sack forms a pouch around the baby’s legs, which allows for plenty of freedom of movement.

When to start using a sleep sack

You can use a sleep sack from day one. However, many parents will instead opt to swaddle their newborn baby at naptime and bedtime. When you are ready to transition out of the swaddles (or if you skipped altogether), a sleep sack can be used to ensure your baby is comfortable and an alternative to blankets.

How long can a baby wear a sleep sack?

You’ll want to keep size, comfort, and safety in mind. Most parents use one until around 12-18 months of age. Continue using a sleep sack as long as it fits well and your child seems comfortable wearing it. For instance, it’s probably time to stop using the wearable blanket if your toddler starts regularly unzipping it and taking it off.