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Where are your products made?

All of our products are designed in Canada and manufactured in China. Discover more about our quality here.

What are your swaddles made of?

All of our swaddles are made with breathable muslin fabric in two options; the classic swaddle is 100% cotton, and the deluxe swaddle is 70% bamboo from viscose and 30% cotton. All of our swaddles become softer with use and washing.

How do I care for my Lulujo products?

All of our products can be washed in warm water, with like colours, and tumble dry on low.

Is Lulujo OKEO-TEX certified?

Yes. Our products have the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label. This certifies all components comply with OEKO-TEX’s testing requirements and are harmless to you and your children’s health.

Do you carry organic products?

Yes, our 4-pack organic cotton wash cloths are GOTS certified organic and ideal for bath time, clean up after meal time, or reusable diaper wipes.

What do I use the security blankets for?

 Babies take comfort in the feel and softness of our muslin. Our security blankets are a smaller 16” x 16” blanket that babies and young children can easily keep with them as a comfort item at home or on the go.

What can I use my Turkish Towel for?

Our absorbent and fast drying Turkish towels are ideal for the beach, bath, and pool. These towels are perfect for the whole family as there are uses for both parents and children. The towels are very compact which saves storage space and can easily fit in a tote bag for impromptu playground fun or picnics. They can also be used as a beach wrap or outdoor blanket on chilly summer evenings.


How do I swaddle?
Why should I swaddle my baby?

Newborns have a startle reflex, also known as theMoro reflex, and at times will suddenly feel as though they are falling. This reflex lasts until 3-4 months of age. Swaddling a baby tightly helps reduce this startling sensation and, in most cases, will improve sleep by not waking suddenly.

How should I wean my baby from swaddling?

There are various methods for weaning a baby from swaddling. How you do this depends on the temperament of your child. Generally, a slow transition is recommended. For the first 2-3 nights, do not place your baby’s dominant arm in the swaddle. Next, transition to leaving both arms free and out of the swaddle for 2-3 nights. After this point, your baby should continue to sleep well without being swaddled.

Besides swaddling, what else can I use my muslin blankets for?

Muslin blankets are the must have, modern day, multi-purpose blanket. Use them as:

swaddling blanket for sleepingburp cloth over mom’s shoulderchange pad covernursing cover for privacycar seat or stroller cover for privacy and shadefloor mat as a place for baby to play and lay beautiful background for social media photos with many design options to choose from

We love these multi-purpose blankets!


How do I download Baby's First Year Cards?

Click the link the download link here for French and English versions of our Baby's First Year Card sets. Download Instructions

How do I download printable Hello World announcement stickers?

Click the link to discover printable cards that you can print on sticker sheets. 

Download English Stickers 

Download French Stickers 

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