Lulujo-Mom Approved: top 5 tips and products for your Lulujo gift registry

Creating a gift registry to celebrate your little bundle of joy is both practical and fun, but we understand it can be intimidating too. We asked a few mom friends for their top tips for moms-to-be and what they recommend including in a Lulujo gift registry before you set up your own. (Bonus: It’s super simple to set up).


#1: Think long-term.

"Register for items that will meet your needs and the baby’s needs in the long term like cozy quilts that stand the test of time and our multi-purpose swaddles. PS - I love using my Leopard swaddle as a nursing cover and a scarf." 

Keshia's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:

Leopard Bamboo Swaddle

Messy Heart Bamboo Quilt

Sunshine Yellow Turkish Towel


#2: Variety makes the registry.


"Add variation, especially when it comes to sized items like sleep suits. Add sizes that you don’t need immediately such as 6-9 months so you don’t have too many of the same size." 

Julia's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:

Rainbows & Suns Cotton Swaddling Blankets

Fish Change Pad Cover

Fish Sleep Suit


#3: Get advice from friends.

"Consult with your mom friends when creating your gift registry. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options nowadays." 

Crystal's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:

Mountain Top Cotton Swaddle 

Sailboat Security Blankets

Sloth Muslin Lovie


#4: Quality over quantity.

"When you focus on quality - and not quantity - you end up with less waste and beautiful pieces to hand down to the next baby in your life."

Natalie's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:


Tan Bamboo Swaddle

Whales Bamboo Muslin 4 Layer Quilt

Camping Sleep Suit


#5: You do you, but make sure to edit.

"To truly curate the gift registry that will serve you, give yourself a day or two to edit the registry before you share it with friends and family."

Laura's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:

My Friend Jo Waldorf doll

Rock A Baby Jo board book

Dots Muslin Crib Sheet

Black Floral Bamboo Muslin Swaddle

It’s easy to create and manage your own Lulujo registry and find a friend’s registry for their upcoming baby shower. 

July 29, 2021 — Alicia Tracy

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