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I’m Dawn, the founder of Lulujo, and I’d like to introduce myself. I am originally from Nova Scotia but live and run our company in Fredericton, a beautiful small city on the east coast of Canada in New Brunswick. In the beginning and for several years, I ran Lulujo on my own from home so I could be with my children, Emily and Jack - AKA Lulu and Jo! - but today, I have an incredible team who manages design, product development, marketing, customer service, testing, and production, plus amazing partners around the world who represent the Lulujo brand in over 40 countries!

One thing I have learned over the last ten years, is that every mother, no matter where she lives, language, race, age, or income, wants the same thing: comforting, safe, quality items to help them provide the best care for their child. Thank you for trusting Lulujo to be part of your journey through motherhood. We love connecting and seeing all of your beautiful photos and messages!

~ Dawn


April 03, 2019 — Lulujo Staff

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