Earlier this month - on October 10 - we observed World Mental Health Day, a day to raise awareness in support of mental health. As fellow moms here at lulujo we have experienced the impact that motherhood has on our mental health - the highest of highs, the lowest of lows and the challenging moments in between. 

An important aspect of mental health is self-care. The topic of self-care in motherhood is one that we’re interested in and invested in exploring with you. Self-care can look different at different stages of your life. Your exact pre-baby self-care routines or practices may be non-existent now that you have welcomed your little one - or ones - into the world. You probably have new practices or maybe you are struggling to find you-time, like many of us do.

For this blog post we connected with one of our partners and friends, Daniela Ciccarelli, President of KidCentral Supply Inc., a distributor of baby and maternity products for fellow Canadian moms. Daniela is a mom to a young toddler and will welcome baby #2 this winter. As a career-driven professional who strives to serve Canadian moms and be there for her young family, what does self-care look like for her?

lulujo: Why is self-care important to you?

Daniela: I need to be the best version of me for all the people who depend on me. However - and to be honest - taking care of myself is low on my priority list some days. Not only do I need to fill my own cup, but I want to set an example for my own daughter on how to be a strong woman. 

lulujo: How have your self-care needs changed since becoming a mom? What are your self-care activities or rituals?

Daniela: Oh, my self-care activities have changed drastically. My pre-motherhood self-care routines no longer exist, mainly because my schedule doesn’t allow for it. So, I have had to adapt and find new ways to find time for myself. Sometimes it’s a phone call to a friend on the way to work. Talking to my close friends soothes my soul. I engage in less planned self-care activities and rituals and now I focus on carving out downtime at the end of my day to unwind and relax my mind - that can be taking a bath, watching TV or sitting alone with my thoughts. In the morning I get up an hour before my daughter so that I have some quiet time alone to start the day.  So simple, yet it’s time for me. 

lulujo: As a role model to your own daughter, what do you want her to notice and learn about your relationship with yourself and making time and space to do what fills your cup?

Daniela: My priority - and promise -  since the day she was born has been to be present. The pace of work and life these days can leave us all quickly distracted by tasks and noise. I strive to be fully present when we are together. I’ve always made it a priority to play, sing, read, and laugh with her. It’s so important to me that she knows I’m physically and mentally there for her. This to me is my best self-care. Being present is the best self-care. The relationship we have and continue to grow is self-soothing and gratifying for me and I know it’s so special for her. 

March 03, 2022 — Alicia Tracy

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