There is nothing sweeter then a swaddled baby, and for some parents, it’s a go-to move for soothing their little one and helping them sleep soundly. 

Some parents swear by swaddling, the age-old method of wrapping your newborn in a thin breathable blanket, which provides comfort as they adjust to life Earth-side. Swaddling can be soothing for your baby by keeping them cozy and may promote better sleep by keeping their startle reflexes at bay. 

While our swaddles are versatile and can be used for many purposes, like giving a mama privacy while breastfeeding or providing shade during a sunny afternoon walk in the stroller, it’s good to know the basics of safe swaddling before you welcome your little one into the world. Our swaddles are made with soft, breathable muslin and are tested for safety and durability. If you have any further swaddling related questions, chat with your healthcare provider who can also refer you to additional sleep recommendations. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Safe Swaddling 

Swaddling will be short and sweet. It is generally recommended to say so-long to swaddling when your baby begins to roll over, which can happen as early as two months. 

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Here are our top three swaddle picks for fall. We love the happy vibes and earthy tones of our Rainbows & Suns swaddle set. 
There is something about a leopard print hat feels so right for fall.
Hiking and mountain biking are some of our favorite fall activities - our Mountain Top swaddle gives us all the fall feels. 
October 22, 2021 — Alicia Tracy

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