We are thrilled to launch our Lulujo Affiliate Program! Through this program, we aim to our affiliates can earn commission on sales they generate by sharing the extraordinary moments they have with their baby and stories of everyday life, while giving them a chance to be recognized for their contribution to the Lulujo team!

Program Structure

• 10% commission on new customer sales referred

• A 90-day cookie

• 5% commission on returning customer sales referred

• Exclusive 20% off referral promotion

• 1.5x commission first 30 days

• $100 Cash bonuses after 100 & 250 conversions

• Best-in-class creative – checkout our Instagram with 125,000+ followers

• Regular seasonal promotions, new products and designs

• $60+ average order value

• Top-tier conversion rate

• No exclusivity - continue to work with other brands

How to Apply

We’d love for you to apply to our program with a little bit more information about yourself. Lulujo has decided to operate via ShareASale, a best-in-class affiliate management system. This creates an easy, secure system for all of us to grow together!

Check out our ShareASale program overview and application link below: