Lulujo was founded by a mom who, like all parents, wanted to provide the best care for her children. With a vision of creating a brand of comforting baby products, she took the leap and became a work-at-home mompreneur as a way to spend more time with her young family. The brand was fondly named using her children's nicknames, Lulu and Jo. Hiring other mothers in the neighbourhood, and her son and daughter by her side, Dawn quickly grew the company from one product sold at the local baby boutique to multiple product lines sold in stores across Canada. Today, over ten years later, parents around the world use Lulujo products to care for their children. 

Through this collection, our brand story comes to life with the Lulu and Jo characters in beautiful books, as dolls, and on blankets. The stories were written based on childhood memories of Emily and Jack. The dolls were designed to take on a likeliness of them as young children. The loving and comforting feelings the products evoke are inspired by family - the foundation on which our brand was built. 

For all parents, our children are our greatest inspiration and we know you give it your all to provide the best for your family. We hope the authenticity and thoughtfulness the Lulu & Jo books and dolls inspires connection and bonding with your little ones.