Sheree Fitch is a prolific, national award winning Canadian author and storyteller known for her rollicking verses, exuberant wordplay, and humour. Many of today’s parents grew up reading her books, including Toes In My Nose and There Were Monkeys In My Kitchen. She has represented Canada around the world and received numerous literary awards and honorary doctorates from Canadian universities.

As a known advocate for children’s issues, Sheree was commissioned by UNICEF to write If You Could Wear My Sneakers, a collection of poems based on articles of the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child, for which she received the Silver Birch Award and the Hackamatack Award. 



 Since Lulujo’s early days, parents have shared messages and photos about their little one’s love for our blankets. We were inspired by these stories to create picture books for early reading that can be loved and cherished. Sheree has perfectly captured memories of a young Lulu and Jo while taking the reader on a playtime adventure with their doll and special Lulujo blanket.

As women, mothers, entrepreneurs, and a shared east coast connection, Sheree and our team formed the perfect partnership to bring Lulu & Jo to life. This collection reflects the heart of our brand. Having Sheree give her voice to our books is a dream partnership.


Our first meeting in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. - September 2017


 With our illustrator working over Skype - January 2018

Presenting complete samples for the first time! - February 2019

Our designer and Sheree at the Lulujo office. - May 2019