A brand built with moms in mind.

Our story begins with a simple idea: in 2008 our founder, Dawn, was inspired by a product she made for her newborn while on maternity leave. With great confidence in the belief “If I need this product, other moms will, too,” the brand, fondly named after her two children, was started. 

Throughout our 14 years, we have always been proudly women-led, and, first and foremost, we are a team of moms! Working with and supporting mothers of all kinds and mom-preneurs has been an intentional decision for us. We are driven to provide thoughtful and comforting products to our customers - fellow parents - and we also agree on a universal truth: family comes first. 

Maybe you have been with us on our journey since day one, or maybe you are just getting to know our brand. In any case, here’s a peek into our team of moms who are dedicated to creating special moments and memories between you and your little one. 

Dawn Pottier ~ Founder & CEO

What I work on at Lulujo: Vision, strategy, operations and sales.

My family, described in three words: Loyal, passionate and entertaining.

What I love about our team and the Lulujo community: We have a fiercely dedicated and loyal team who all want to be part of making a difference. Everyone connected to Lulujo supports and encourages our vision in the most positive way - by learning, having courage, taking risks, believing, having fun, being inclusive, working as a team, considering all opinions, and doing it with an entrepreneurial spirit. We listen to our community of incredible fans who love our products and we learn from them what parents around the world want for their families. Together, within our team, we listen and build it.

My favourite Lulujo product: The black and white Hugs and Kisses swaddle

is super soft, gender neutral and fun. To me, this blanket represents a risk we took and believed in. In 2014, when we created this print and the black and white Modern Collection, many people told us they would not sell. But we believed in our decision and still to this day black and white decor in baby bedding and nurseries is on-trend and has even become a classic look.

Alicia Tracy ~ Director, Brand & Product Development 

What I work on at Lulujo: Creating and growing the Lulujo brand.

My family, described in three words: Adventure, acceptance, and creativity. 

What I love about our team and the Lulujo community: Our team is like a toolbox with everyone we need to make or do anything. If we can imagine it and believe it, the right people are in place to help make the magic happen. Internally, and among our partners, we have the brightest and most dedicated people all with a “can-do” attitude. Top this off with our amazing customers and brand supporters and what we have is a beautiful community that I am so very proud to be part of. The freedom to be truly creative and supported is a gift!

My favourite Lulujo product: Our Peace wreath swaddle, security blanket and milestone blanket. I love the message of peace and unity. Maybe it’s the Pisces in me :)

Amanda Walsh ~ Customer Service & Administration 

What I work on at Lulujo: Order processing, providing exceptional customer service and ensuring our headquarters runs smoothly.

My family, described in three words: Love, funny, and cheerful.

What I love about our team and the Lulujo community: To me, the Lulujo community means family, love, and support.

My favourite Lulujo product: My favourite item is the Turkish towels. They are the perfect beach towel, but also make a great throw blanket on cool summer nights. If my children were younger, our quilts would be my top favourite baby product. They are the perfect mix of being warm, yet lightweight and oh, so soft! 

Keshia Matthews ~ Online Sales Manager

What I work on at Lulujo: I manage and establish our e-commerce platforms for retailers and customers to help them have a seamless interaction and buying experience.

My family, described in three words: Faith, love, and fun.

What I love about our team and the Lulujo community: I have a two-part answer. One, the “behind the scenes" Lulujo community that is made up of our team of four ladies at our HQ but also the other people we get the privilege of working with behind the scenes. This little community works hard every day, and always has fun doing it! We celebrate each win - whether that is a sale in our store or website or launching new products that we know people will love! We celebrate each victory, no matter how small, because we know that each one matters to the success of Lulujo. So bottom line, this community is about encouragement and celebration! Second, the Lulujo community that is made up of all of our customers - local and around the world. This community means love, support and loyalty. I love reading messages and talking to people in-store that share their stories about how a blanket helps their little one sleep or soothes them when they're upset. It is the BEST feeling in the world to be a part of that and I definitely do not take it for granted! What a privilege to be a part of such an awesome community!

My favourite Lulujo product: My favourite Lulujo product would have to be the My Friend Lulu doll. My girls both have the doll and to see them play and use their imagination to come up with different scenarios is so fun to watch and be a part of! 

August 16, 2021 — Lulujo Staff



Bonjour, je viens d’effectuer une commande . Ça fait des mois et mois que je cherchais une magnifique poupée , toute simple , épurée pour les 1 an de ma nièce qui arrive en décembre. J’avais 2 critères très importants à respecter. Elle devait être fait à la main et elle devait être de fabrication canadienne !

Et bien je suis complètement charmé par vos produits ! Je suis de la baje-des-chaleurs en gaspésie et j’ai beaucoup de famille proche dans la péninsule acadienne et ailleurs au NB. J’ai exactement trouvé ce que je voulais !

J’ai quelques questions.
Est-ce possible de faire personnaliser ma poupée ? Y ajouté une broderie par exemple une inscription , qui donnerais un caractère plus personnel à ce cadeau spéciale.

Est-ce possible d’obtenir l’escompte de 10% , j’ai oublié d’inscrire le code promo lors de ma comande.

J’attends avec hâte l’arrivée de de ce bijou !

Merci de l’attention que vous porterez à ces commentaires !

Anne-Julie Lapointe

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