Sun, Sand, and Smiles: The Best Family-Friendly Beaches in the Maritimes

Sun, Sand, and Smiles: The Best Family-Friendly Beaches in the Maritimes

We love a good beach vacation and there are many beautiful locations within hours of Lulujo HQ. The Maritimes, encompassing the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, are renowned for their stunning coastlines and picturesque beaches. These destinations offer the perfect backdrop for a memorable family beach vacation. Let's dive into the top family-friendly beaches in the Maritimes, where you can relax, play, and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Cavendish Beach, located within Prince Edward Island National Park, is a pristine sandy stretchthat offers something for every member of the family. With its gentle surf, warm waters, and lifeguards on duty during the summer months, it provides a safe and enjoyable environment for kids to splash and play. The beach also features soft dunes, boardwalks, and nearby amenities,

including picnic areas, restrooms, and food concessions.

2. Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia
Lawrencetown Beach, located just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a favorite among families seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure. This sandy beach is perfect for leisurely walks, beachcombing, and building sandcastles. The consistent waves make it an ideal spot for older children or parents to try their hand at surfing. The nearby Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park offers picnic areas, change rooms, and washrooms for added convenience.

3. Parlee Beach, New Brunswick
Parlee Beach Provincial Park, situated in Shediac is known for its warm waters, sandy shores, and family-friendly atmosphere. The calm tides and shallow waters make it an ideal choice for families with young children. Kids can enjoy building sandcastles, splashing in the water, and exploring the tidal pools. The beach offers picnic areas, food concessions, and washroom

Martinique Beach, located on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore, is the longest sandy beach in the province, spanning over five kilometers. This family-friendly beach is renowned for itsbreathtaking beauty, rolling sand dunes, and gentle waves. With ample space to spread out,families can enjoy beach games, picnics, and long walks along the shoreline. Facilities include

change rooms, washrooms, and picnic areas, making it an excellent destination for a day of sun-soaked family fun.

Mavillette Beach, situated on Nova Scotia's Acadian Shore, is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil and family-friendly atmosphere. This expansive sandy beach is ideal for young children, with its shallow waters and soft sand perfect for sandcastle building. Enjoy long walks along the shoreline, collect seashells, and take in the stunning views. Note: the water is a bit chilly! 

The beach features picnic areas, washrooms, and change rooms, ensuring a comfortable and convenient visit.

6. Aboiteau Beach Cap-Pele, New Brunswick 
Aboiteau is our favorite! Located in the heart of L'Acadie, Aboiteau Beach is a must for vacationers. An eco-responsible treasure known for it's accessibility, cleanliness, and safety, it has been awarded the Blue Flag certification since 2018. A picturesque place where your family will fall in love with golden sand, salty waves and majestic dunes, you will enjoy the warmest waters in the North of the State of Virginia.

Pack sunscreen, beach toys, and the best summer beach accessory: our bestselling Lulujo Turkish towels. These beautiful beach towels are extra-large (3' x 5'), can be used as a blanket, are space saving, easy to carry, doesn't hold sand, and dries quickly. You'll need one for yourself and the whole family, too! 

Have fun on the beaches in the Maritimes!

June 06, 2023 — Alicia Tracy
We love muslin and here's why.

We love muslin and here's why.

You may not have heard of muslin until the arrival of your first baby but now you see it everywhere. Read on to find out why muslin is all the rage in the baby space, and why you'll love it, too.


Breathability. It all comes down to safety of your baby. Because of it's loose weave and thinness, muslin is the trusted choice of fabric when it comes to swaddles and baby blankets. Babies pull their blankets to their face and this fabric offers peace of mind due to its breathability. As well, breathable muslin will prevent overheating as air can flow freely. 

Gentle on skin. Muslin is known for its softness and, in fact, becomes softer over time with wash and wear. It's gentle on baby's delicate skin and less likely to cause skin irritation. As well, muslin made with bamboo feels cool and soothing to the touch.

Ideal for swaddling. It's breathability makes muslin the number one choice for swaddling. You can wrap your baby in a muslin swaddle knowing the fabric helps keep their temperature regulated while warm and comfortable. Also, the loose weave allows the fabric to stretch and mold to your baby's shape for a comfy, cozy sleep.

A multi purpose fabric. Muslin is great for, not only for swaddles, but many other baby items. We love using muslin for our receiving blankets, quilts, sleep sacks, and more. You can also use your muslin blankets over the stroller and car seat as a sun shade and to protect your baby from the elements. 

Absorbent. Muslin will absorb so always having a blanket in arms reach is ideal for wiping up spills or using as a burp cloth. Our bandana bibs are constructed with a layer of absorbent muslin to help keep your little one dry.

Shop all of our beautiful, OEKO-TEX certified, muslin products here! 
May 31, 2023 — Alicia Tracy
Baby Blanket Breakdown

Baby Blanket Breakdown

Lulujo is best known for our cuddle worthy, must have blankets. If you’re newly expecting or, are shopping for a perfect gift, use this blanket guide to help make sure you, and your baby, are covered!

Lightweight, soft, breathable, gentle on skin - the perfect fabric for swaddling your newborn. The best part - get as many lovely patterns as you like! They are so versatile and multipurpose you can never have enough and will use them again and again. Our swaddles are large (40" x 40") and extra large (47" x 47"). 

Shop swaddles here.

 Our security blankets are made with the same muslin fabric your baby grew to love from when they were swaddled. They love the tactile feel of their favourite blanket combined with the satin trim. They are sold two in a pack so you always have a back up and are the perfect size (16" square) for babies to hold and carry on their own. Shop security blankets here.

Not only is this both a swaddle and photo blanket in one, each includes a set of 14 monthly milestone cards so you can snap the sweetest photos from one day through to one year. These thoughtful sets come in a beautiful gift box easy for wrapping and is just the right gift for your next baby shower. Shop all Baby's First Year sets here.

More than just a basic baby blanket, this waffle weave texture is on trend and adds a beautiful layer to any nursery. Simple, clean solid colours that mix and match with the most beautiful colour palettes. This light to medium weight blanket is ideal for in the stroller, car seat, and more. Standard baby blanket size (30" x 40"). Shop waffle blankets here

 The sweet faces of llama, sloth, unicorn, bunny, puppy, and elephant will make your baby smile. This security character blanket is made with our signature cotton muslin that babies love and is just the right size for tiny hands to hang on to wherever they go. Shop lovies here.

A traditional baby blanket knit with small holes throughout for breathability. Your baby won't overheat with this blanket that can be used for cuddle time, in the stroller, car seat, and more. Standard baby blanket size (30" x 40"). Shop cellular blankets here.

Think luxury when considering a bamboo quilt! Four layers, buttery soft bamboo muslin, and extra large (47" square). This blanket will be used from newborn through toddler years. Packaged in a beautiful box ready to be easily gift wrapped for your next baby shower. Shop all quilts here.

We want to eliminate any risks at bedtime and that includes not using blankets in the crib. This wearable blanket is the perfect alternative and will keep your baby warm and cozy for a restful sleep. This all season 1.0 TOG muslin sleep sack can be worn over pyjamas and is a nice addition to your bedtime routine. Available in three sizes. Shop all sleep sacks here.

More questions about Lulujo products? Don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Service at

July 05, 2022 — Alicia Tracy

Practicing Self-Care as a Mom

Earlier this month - on October 10 - we observed World Mental Health Day, a day to raise awareness in support of mental health. As fellow moms here at lulujo we have experienced the impact that motherhood has on our mental health - the highest of highs, the lowest of lows and the challenging moments in between. 

An important aspect of mental health is self-care. The topic of self-care in motherhood is one that we’re interested in and invested in exploring with you. Self-care can look different at different stages of your life. Your exact pre-baby self-care routines or practices may be non-existent now that you have welcomed your little one - or ones - into the world. You probably have new practices or maybe you are struggling to find you-time, like many of us do.

For this blog post we connected with one of our partners and friends, Daniela Ciccarelli, President of KidCentral Supply Inc., a distributor of baby and maternity products for fellow Canadian moms. Daniela is a mom to a young toddler and will welcome baby #2 this winter. As a career-driven professional who strives to serve Canadian moms and be there for her young family, what does self-care look like for her?

lulujo: Why is self-care important to you?

Daniela: I need to be the best version of me for all the people who depend on me. However - and to be honest - taking care of myself is low on my priority list some days. Not only do I need to fill my own cup, but I want to set an example for my own daughter on how to be a strong woman. 

lulujo: How have your self-care needs changed since becoming a mom? What are your self-care activities or rituals?

Daniela: Oh, my self-care activities have changed drastically. My pre-motherhood self-care routines no longer exist, mainly because my schedule doesn’t allow for it. So, I have had to adapt and find new ways to find time for myself. Sometimes it’s a phone call to a friend on the way to work. Talking to my close friends soothes my soul. I engage in less planned self-care activities and rituals and now I focus on carving out downtime at the end of my day to unwind and relax my mind - that can be taking a bath, watching TV or sitting alone with my thoughts. In the morning I get up an hour before my daughter so that I have some quiet time alone to start the day.  So simple, yet it’s time for me. 

lulujo: As a role model to your own daughter, what do you want her to notice and learn about your relationship with yourself and making time and space to do what fills your cup?

Daniela: My priority - and promise -  since the day she was born has been to be present. The pace of work and life these days can leave us all quickly distracted by tasks and noise. I strive to be fully present when we are together. I’ve always made it a priority to play, sing, read, and laugh with her. It’s so important to me that she knows I’m physically and mentally there for her. This to me is my best self-care. Being present is the best self-care. The relationship we have and continue to grow is self-soothing and gratifying for me and I know it’s so special for her. 

March 03, 2022 — Alicia Tracy
Five Tips for Creating Beautiful Milestone Photos

Five Tips for Creating Beautiful Milestone Photos

Pro photo-taking tips from Lulujo's long-time photographer that will make your images even sweeter. 

There are two reoccurring moments of excitement at our hq; one, when we receive new product samples in the mail and two, when new photos roll in from Mag, our photographer. Put your beautiful babies and some Lulujo in front of her camera and we end up with the best brand images, every time. Cue the oohs and aahs! 

You may have seen her pop up behind the scenes on our IG stories - when it comes to photographing Lulujo moms and babes, Mag Hood is our gal. Not only is she an awesome person, she’s a pro moment maker and has captured countless images that tell our brand story beautifully.

Our Milestone Blankets have long been a fan favourite. These boxed sets make a perfect keepsake gift for any expecting mom or dad. And, the coordinating blanket and cards combo makes it easy to create some super cute images to share on your feed. The age cards go from one day to one year and through these photos you will really see how your little one has grown so quickly in their first 12 months. The sweetest. 

Here are Mag’s top five tips for parents for capturing these beautiful moments with your phone, or any camera. 

  • Choose a time when baby is happiest.
  • No one knows your baby’s schedule better than you! Choosing a time to do the photos when your baby is the most content might seem obvious, but it is key to getting great photos. Taking breaks and not forcing it if it isn’t the right time are also great tips to keep in mind throughout the process. 

  • Choose a good location based on natural lighting.
  • The key to great photography is finding good natural light. As a professional photographer, I plan all my shots around light. For these types of shots, I recommend soft, natural window light. Choosing a bright room with indirect daylight coming in through the window (the bigger the better) will be the best way to get clean, crisp and well-lit shots of your adorable baby. I also recommend turning off the flash on your camera or phone, as well as any lamps in the room, and using only natural light to light your baby. 

  • Coordinate an outfit with your blanket.
  • With the wide variety of colours and designs, it is fairly simple to coordinate an adorable outfit with your milestone blanket. You can choose specific colours from the blanket or go more neutral. Solid colour outfits with minimal logos and text tend to photograph the best. 

  • Set up in advance.
  • Having everything set up and ready to shoot before you bring a happy baby into frame makes it easier to get that desired shot. I recommend placing the milestone blanket on top of a soft, light coloured surface that won’t show through the blanket. This will make it more comfortable for your baby. We typically use soft rugs, duvets and plush blankets, all white or off-white in colour. 


  • Photograph from above. 
  • Having a safe and sturdy high vantage point makes it easier to hold the camera or phone directly above your baby and see the whole milestone blanket. Using a step stool is a great way to get a great angle for the shot. 

    With these tips in mind, I hope you’ll be able to create a consistent set-up with the milestone blankets to capture adorable and memorable images of your growing baby. 

    Tag @lulujobaby in your Milestone photos so we can see and share! 
    February 28, 2022 — Lulujo Staff
    Step-By-Step Guide To Swaddling Your Baby

    Step-By-Step Guide To Swaddling Your Baby

    There is nothing sweeter then a swaddled baby, and for some parents, it’s a go-to move for soothing their little one and helping them sleep soundly. 

    Some parents swear by swaddling, the age-old method of wrapping your newborn in a thin breathable blanket, which provides comfort as they adjust to life Earth-side. Swaddling can be soothing for your baby by keeping them cozy and may promote better sleep by keeping their startle reflexes at bay. 

    While our swaddles are versatile and can be used for many purposes, like giving a mama privacy while breastfeeding or providing shade during a sunny afternoon walk in the stroller, it’s good to know the basics of safe swaddling before you welcome your little one into the world. Our swaddles are made with soft, breathable muslin and are tested for safety and durability. If you have any further swaddling related questions, chat with your healthcare provider who can also refer you to additional sleep recommendations. 

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Safe Swaddling 

    Swaddling will be short and sweet. It is generally recommended to say so-long to swaddling when your baby begins to roll over, which can happen as early as two months. 

    We want to know - what is on your mind when it comes to swaddling? Let us know!

    Here are our top three swaddle picks for fall. We love the happy vibes and earthy tones of our Rainbows & Suns swaddle set. 
    There is something about a leopard print hat feels so right for fall.
    Hiking and mountain biking are some of our favorite fall activities - our Mountain Top swaddle gives us all the fall feels. 
    October 22, 2021 — Alicia Tracy
    Diaper Bag Essentials For Fall

    Diaper Bag Essentials For Fall

    Above and beyond diapers and wipes - the seasonal must-haves to add to your diaper bag.

    Our friend and lulujo mom, Javessa Stanton, shares her favourite lulujo products for the autumn months. From the pumpkin patch to neighbourhood strolls, here are a few go-to items to keep your little one cozy and warm - and dry - as the temperatures drop. 

    Let me introduce myself! My name is Javessa Stanton (@javessastanton) and I am mom to our sweet boy Rowan and a sweet baby girl on the way. I live in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. As I become close to my due date I’d love to share some of my favourite lulujo diaper bag essentials fall. 

    As our baby girl will be making her arrival soon, lulujo's sweet Ballet Slipper Waffle Blanket will be a must-have to keep her cozy during fall walks in our neighbourhood. lulujo's waffle blankets are 100% cotton, breathable and become softer with every wash. I'll also keep lulujo's new bandana bibs handy for when the inevitable drooling starts. The bandana bibs come in so many different prints and colours - I am obsessed. lulujo bandanna bibs are also 100% cotton and safe for newborns. 

    Like most moms, I absolutely love lulujo's swaddles. They are super soft and also breathable. lulujo's prints are seriously the cutest. I have the Daisies & Greenery swaddle set (and the matching crib sheets too). I am also loving the Mudcloth and Suns prints for fall too. I will be packing these swaddles in my diaper bag for every outing. 

    September 28, 2021 — Alicia Tracy
    How To Create Your Baby's First Nursery

    How To Create Your Baby's First Nursery

    Style expert and first-time mom Julia Hu breaks down how she created a soothing nursery for her new arrival.

    Julia Hu of @hulovesdecor is known for her classic and calming style - think neutrals and soothing, yet striking, tones with textures and design elements that are both cozy and airy. We caught up with Julia - virtually - at home in San Diego shortly after she welcomed her first-born, sweet little Mason. Julia has brought her fans and followers on her styling journey for her new home, so we wanted to get her take on the process to create Mason’s nursery.
    lulujo: What was your inspiration for the nursery design?

    Julia: I had a vision of a peaceful, calming space with personal touches. I really liked the idea of a sage green accent wall and neutral furniture. I love a timeless, classic look as well so I definitely wanted to incorporate all these features when thinking about Mason’s nursery.

    lulujo: Did you know the gender as you were designing the nursery?

    Julia: Yes we did! I wanted to keep it gender-neutral though so we can continue using it in the future. That is why I chose sage green and neutral tones. 

    lulujo: Did you design and execute the nursery yourselves, or did you get some extra help? 

    Julia: I designed the nursery and came up with the vision for it, while my husband and a professional painter helped bring the vision to life.


    lulujo: Now that Mason is earth-side, what features of the nursery do you love the most?

    Julia: I love the personalized elements with his name such as the wooden name sign above his crib that we added. Since he hasn't been sleeping in the room yet, I love the rocking chair area. We spend a lot of quality time there. 

    lulujo: What roadblocks did you run into during the design phase, and how did you overcome them?

    Julia: With the Covid-19 pandemic, delivery delays for furniture were a big challenge. We waited quite a bit of time for different pieces to arrive so that was tough to visualize the room without it all coming together at the same time. It's also tough not seeing some elements in person (such as paint color swatches) so I just tried my best to do all my research online. Thankfully it all worked out!

    lulujo: What lessons did you learn from the process?

    Julia: I learned not to take things too seriously and to have fun in the process. It might be stressful trying to put together a space before baby arrives, but it's so important to take a step back and really appreciate the time and love you put into the room and details. I loved the nights my husband and I worked together on building furniture and seeing the room come together. It made it just that more exciting for baby's arrival!

    lulujo: What recommendations do you have for parents creating a nursery for their little one?
    Julia: I have a couple of recommendations! Know that it's a gradual process and so worth it when everything comes together at the end. I would recommend starting off with a style you would like to explore more of and then find inspiration, whether that’s on Instagram or Pinterest to see what others have done. This way you can see visually what you like and take different elements from different designs. 
    I recommend starting with the major items like the crib and furniture and then work on the details and smaller elements so everything ties together nicely. 
    Sometimes it makes sense to invest in pieces you love but it's also more than okay to find affordable pieces especially if you plan to change things up in the future for your little one. For example, instead of purchasing an expensive changing table that I would only use for a few years, I purchased an affordable dresser from Ikea and swapped out the drawer knobs to stylize it. Instead of paying upwards of a thousand dollars from a furniture store, I was able to score one for under $150!

    And most importantly, have fun with it and enjoy the moments before your baby's arrival! It’s such an exciting time so savor each moment.

    Lulujo product feature: Rainbows & Suns Swaddles / Fish Change Pad Cover

    September 07, 2021 — Alicia Tracy
    Behind The Brand: Working Moms

    Behind The Brand: Working Moms

    A brand built with moms in mind.

    Our story begins with a simple idea: in 2008 our founder, Dawn, was inspired by a product she made for her newborn while on maternity leave. With great confidence in the belief “If I need this product, other moms will, too,” the brand, fondly named after her two children, was started. 

    Throughout our 14 years, we have always been proudly women-led, and, first and foremost, we are a team of moms! Working with and supporting mothers of all kinds and mom-preneurs has been an intentional decision for us. We are driven to provide thoughtful and comforting products to our customers - fellow parents - and we also agree on a universal truth: family comes first. 

    Maybe you have been with us on our journey since day one, or maybe you are just getting to know our brand. In any case, here’s a peek into our team of moms who are dedicated to creating special moments and memories between you and your little one. 

    Dawn Pottier ~ Founder & CEO

    What I work on at Lulujo: Vision, strategy, operations and sales.

    My family, described in three words: Loyal, passionate and entertaining.

    What I love about our team and the Lulujo community: We have a fiercely dedicated and loyal team who all want to be part of making a difference. Everyone connected to Lulujo supports and encourages our vision in the most positive way - by learning, having courage, taking risks, believing, having fun, being inclusive, working as a team, considering all opinions, and doing it with an entrepreneurial spirit. We listen to our community of incredible fans who love our products and we learn from them what parents around the world want for their families. Together, within our team, we listen and build it.

    My favourite Lulujo product: The black and white Hugs and Kisses swaddle

    is super soft, gender neutral and fun. To me, this blanket represents a risk we took and believed in. In 2014, when we created this print and the black and white Modern Collection, many people told us they would not sell. But we believed in our decision and still to this day black and white decor in baby bedding and nurseries is on-trend and has even become a classic look.

    Alicia Tracy ~ Director, Brand & Product Development 

    What I work on at Lulujo: Creating and growing the Lulujo brand.

    My family, described in three words: Adventure, acceptance, and creativity. 

    What I love about our team and the Lulujo community: Our team is like a toolbox with everyone we need to make or do anything. If we can imagine it and believe it, the right people are in place to help make the magic happen. Internally, and among our partners, we have the brightest and most dedicated people all with a “can-do” attitude. Top this off with our amazing customers and brand supporters and what we have is a beautiful community that I am so very proud to be part of. The freedom to be truly creative and supported is a gift!

    My favourite Lulujo product: Our Peace wreath swaddle, security blanket and milestone blanket. I love the message of peace and unity. Maybe it’s the Pisces in me :)

    Amanda Walsh ~ Customer Service & Administration 

    What I work on at Lulujo: Order processing, providing exceptional customer service and ensuring our headquarters runs smoothly.

    My family, described in three words: Love, funny, and cheerful.

    What I love about our team and the Lulujo community: To me, the Lulujo community means family, love, and support.

    My favourite Lulujo product: My favourite item is the Turkish towels. They are the perfect beach towel, but also make a great throw blanket on cool summer nights. If my children were younger, our quilts would be my top favourite baby product. They are the perfect mix of being warm, yet lightweight and oh, so soft! 

    Keshia Matthews ~ Online Sales Manager

    What I work on at Lulujo: I manage and establish our e-commerce platforms for retailers and customers to help them have a seamless interaction and buying experience.

    My family, described in three words: Faith, love, and fun.

    What I love about our team and the Lulujo community: I have a two-part answer. One, the “behind the scenes" Lulujo community that is made up of our team of four ladies at our HQ but also the other people we get the privilege of working with behind the scenes. This little community works hard every day, and always has fun doing it! We celebrate each win - whether that is a sale in our store or website or launching new products that we know people will love! We celebrate each victory, no matter how small, because we know that each one matters to the success of Lulujo. So bottom line, this community is about encouragement and celebration! Second, the Lulujo community that is made up of all of our customers - local and around the world. This community means love, support and loyalty. I love reading messages and talking to people in-store that share their stories about how a blanket helps their little one sleep or soothes them when they're upset. It is the BEST feeling in the world to be a part of that and I definitely do not take it for granted! What a privilege to be a part of such an awesome community!

    My favourite Lulujo product: My favourite Lulujo product would have to be the My Friend Lulu doll. My girls both have the doll and to see them play and use their imagination to come up with different scenarios is so fun to watch and be a part of! 

    August 16, 2021 — Lulujo Staff
    Creating A Baby Gift Registry

    Creating A Baby Gift Registry

    Lulujo-Mom Approved: top 5 tips and products for your Lulujo gift registry

    Creating a gift registry to celebrate your little bundle of joy is both practical and fun, but we understand it can be intimidating too. We asked a few mom friends for their top tips for moms-to-be and what they recommend including in a Lulujo gift registry before you set up your own. (Bonus: It’s super simple to set up).


    #1: Think long-term.

    "Register for items that will meet your needs and the baby’s needs in the long term like cozy quilts that stand the test of time and our multi-purpose swaddles. PS - I love using my Leopard swaddle as a nursing cover and a scarf." 

    Keshia's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:

    Leopard Bamboo Swaddle

    Messy Heart Bamboo Quilt

    Sunshine Yellow Turkish Towel


    #2: Variety makes the registry.


    "Add variation, especially when it comes to sized items like sleep suits. Add sizes that you don’t need immediately such as 6-9 months so you don’t have too many of the same size." 

    Julia's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:

    Rainbows & Suns Cotton Swaddling Blankets

    Fish Change Pad Cover

    Fish Sleep Suit


    #3: Get advice from friends.

    "Consult with your mom friends when creating your gift registry. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options nowadays." 

    Crystal's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:

    Mountain Top Cotton Swaddle 

    Sailboat Security Blankets

    Sloth Muslin Lovie


    #4: Quality over quantity.

    "When you focus on quality - and not quantity - you end up with less waste and beautiful pieces to hand down to the next baby in your life."

    Natalie's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:


    Tan Bamboo Swaddle

    Whales Bamboo Muslin 4 Layer Quilt

    Camping Sleep Suit


    #5: You do you, but make sure to edit.

    "To truly curate the gift registry that will serve you, give yourself a day or two to edit the registry before you share it with friends and family."

    Laura's Lulujo Gift Registry Must-Haves:

    My Friend Jo Waldorf doll

    Rock A Baby Jo board book

    Dots Muslin Crib Sheet

    Black Floral Bamboo Muslin Swaddle

    It’s easy to create and manage your own Lulujo registry and find a friend’s registry for their upcoming baby shower. 

    July 29, 2021 — Alicia Tracy
    Behind The Brand: Friendship

    Behind The Brand: Friendship

    Mix work, fun, and friendship and you get a brand with heart and soul. 

    "Winner winner chicken dinner”. A funny text that means we’re on the same page and both loving a new print our designer just sent over. It’s a great feeling when our vision has been achieved in a pattern, colour, or product. I sent a screenshot to Dawn on Friday evening because, in our world, what better way to kick off the weekend.

    For those new to Lulujo, Dawn is the founder and CEO who started the brand 11 years ago. My role is product development which involves working with our manufacturers and designers to create products and packaging based on current trends. I also oversee anything brand related like photography, social media, trade shows, or our catalog.

    Seven years ago, after a serendipitous introduction, Dawn and I had our first meeting at a sushi restaurant, just a few doors down from our now hq and flagship store. The business was growing and she needed some help...had I ever designed, coordinated, and set up a booth for a baby brand at an international industry trade show? I had not, BUT, from that one conversation I knew we could hit it out of the park together. Eight weeks later we were on our way to Las Vegas. After a roller coaster of stress and excitement, our “just go for it and figure it out” attitude led the way to an amazing show and the beginning of a friendship that crosses lines of work, play, and family.

    What we do doesn't feel like work; it's an extension of who we are both creatively and as reflected in the core values of the company. Our friendship thrives in celebrating every goal reached and envisioning the milestones ahead. We share excitement in the small wins along the way; every order, new follower, thoughtful review, and mom who tells us how much their Lulujo products mean to them. 

    Lulujo has taken us on adventures around the world, from New York to Beijing, Cologne to Boston. On our off time we squeeze in every free minute to explore on the Hop On Hop Off, find an exquisite dessert bar, try to end the night with a much needed foot massage, and then back to the hotel to watch Jimmy Fallon. We live a few streets apart in a beautiful, dynamic city and take advantage of walks to work to chat about new product ideas, sales strategy, or to get some comic relief in a story often involving Dawn’s kids, Emily and Jack, or, as you know them, Lulu and Jo. The mountain bike community has become a big part of both of our families' lives and we’re all chomping at the bit to get back out and enjoy all our home in Atlantic Canada has to offer.

    Throughout the years, celebrated moments like proms, graduations, new homes, cottages, Christmases, and vacations have been met with losses, struggles, and uncertainties. With every up and down, Dawn has been one of my greatest supporters and cheerleaders. She is a mentor and an example in how to approach family, friendship and leadership with tremendous generosity that makes people feel loved and valued.

    Behind the brand there are many wonderful stories of relationships with great partners, awesome employees, and incredible supporters over the years. But, I'll dare to say our friendship is a winner winner chicken dinner. 

    ~ Alicia, brand & product development for Lulujo

    June 28, 2021 — Alicia Tracy
    Product Roundup for New Moms

    Product Roundup for New Moms

    First-time mom-to-be? We’ve got you covered - from cozy moments to capturing milestones. 

    Maybe you’re creating your baby registry, or perhaps you’re not quite sure where to start. We get it. We’ve been there. To help avoid the endless website scrolling, we’re breaking down our Lulujo products that new moms have told us they love. 



    Our signature swaddling blankets are an absolute must-have - just ask Jillian Harris. A swaddle will likely be one of the first things you wrap your baby with after you welcome them into the world. Swaddles are a versatile and functional blanket well beyond the swaddling stage, from an impromptu stroller cover or changing pad to a go-to blankie throughout toddlerhood. 

    All of our baby swaddles are made with breathable muslin, both 100% cotton or bamboo and cotton blend and come in single, two- and three-pack options. The Lulujo swaddle is known for its quality, unmatched softness and range of beautiful prints from traditional and watercolour to solids and boho

    Lulujo Mom Tip: You will want multiple swaddles on hand during the newborn stage - six swaddles is an excellent place to start. 

    security blankets 

    Little ones love the comfort of our mini muslin security blankets, which feature smooth satin trim. Security blankets can help babies (and toddlers) self-soothe. These blankets are breathable, ultra-soft, and the perfect size for little hands. Babies love the tactile feel and can carry them wherever they go. Available as a two-pack, each blanket is 100% cotton.

    Lulujo Mom Tip: Tie a security blanket to the car seat or stroller for self-soothing while on the go. 

    organic cotton washcloths 

    Bathtime can be a comforting time for your little one. Our eco-friendly washcloths are extra soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin. You can never have too many of these reusable cloths that get softer with every wash. 


    Babies and toddlers love our lovies - a sweet combination of security blanket and toy. Made with muslin and oh-so cuddly, your little one will enjoy discovering its softness. 



    You have probably been reading a lot about tummy time. Our quilts are warm and cozy for tummy time and perfect for bedtime as your baby gets older. These beautifully soft quilted blankets are made with four layers of deluxe muslin and come in timeless patterns. 

    waffle blankets 

    Our cozy waffle blankets

    are another great option for under your little one during tummy time. Our waffle blankets are made from quality cotton in a lovely textured waffle weave designed to be gentle on baby's skin and ideal for all seasons. 

    Lulu & Jo books

    Propping up a board book can keep your little one engaged and interested during tummy time. Plus, reading with your child at a young age is a wonderful bonding activity and teaches communication, listening, memory, and vocabulary skills. Our padded board books, written by much-loved Canadian author Sheree Fitch, are keepsake quality with rounded edges - the perfect addition to a little one's "my first books" collection. 


    change pad covers 

    These beautiful covers are designed to fit a standard size change pad. Made with our premium 100% cotton muslin, they feature prints from our boho collection that will complement your baby's stylish nursery. In addition, our covers are made with breathable cotton muslin that gets softer with every wash. (Oh, and we have matching crib sheets, too.)

    Lulujo Mom Tip: Our change pad covered fits the Keekaroo Peanut changing pad too. 


    This one's for you, mama. Trust us. 

    Our gift to you: receive a FREE Mommy + Me scrunchie set with your next purchase by using code FREESCRUNCHIE at checkout. Be sure to select your favourite and add it to cart first!



    Hello, World!

    Our Hello World hat and swaddle (and HELLO birth announcement sticker) will have your newborn super cozy and camera-ready. This ready-to-use set will make it easy to snap the perfect photo and introduce your little one to family and friends.

    Baby’s First Year 

    Turn a year of milestones into memories with our Baby's First Year photo blanket and cards. A baby registry favourite, each set includes a beautiful muslin milestone baby blanket and age cards from one day to one year old. Be ready to swoon over beautiful keepsake photos.

    bonus milestone card set 

    As moms, we know that capturing a baby’s firsts - like crawling and walking - is so special. That’s why we’re including a milestone card pack with each purchase. We love helping parents capture those can’t-miss moments. 


    June 10, 2021 — Alicia Tracy