Hello! My name is Keshia….as some of you may know from our Instagram stories, but some of you may be wondering- “who is this lady and what does she do exactly?” I joined the Lulujo team in July and have absolutely loved learning all the new things I’ve been doing in my new role as well as using my skills and background. For example, for the past 10+ years before Lulujo, I worked in the fashion, retail, styling world in our province (we are in East Coast Canada). So when I saw and felt the new Hello World Blankets in the Navy, Pink, Tan, Leopard, I automatically knew that these blankets could also be used in another way- a scarf!  

Maria is a bombshell & a new momma to a 3.5 week old! <3 Maria is a bombshell & a new mom of a beautiful 3.5 week old boy! 


If you’ve already purchased the new Hello World sets you’re in luck! We are going to show you some beautiful styling tips for fall. If you currently don’t have one of these sets and don’t have a new born in your life, don’t worry! You can purchase these blanket (scarves) individually in the near future! Here are some different ways to style and wear these blankets (scarves) for the fall:

Wear it like a tie! Throw a cardigan, jean jacket, or a vest on top and you are set!












 Wear it as a tie for a polished look! This can
be easily dressed up with a white collared
shirt and blazer or casual 
with a T-shirt under a jean or
leather jacket!
This pink is the perfect shade of blush and would be great to add a little warmth for your outfit to the office or to your fall wedding! Simply fold into a triangle, drape over your shoulder and tie!
Who else loves this tan colour!? It literally goes with everything and adds a great layer to any outfit. 

Let's end off with my favourite way to tie these blanket scarves! Again, start off by folding the blanket scarf into a triangle, roll it up into one long tube and wrap around your neck with the ends finishing in the front. Tie underneath and loosen the  scarf until you're comfortable with your look! 
Let me know what you think of these looks by commenting below! Which one is your favourite colour? We love hearing from you! 
<3 Keshia 
September 10, 2019 — Lulujo Staff

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