Pro photo-taking tips from Lulujo's long-time photographer that will make your images even sweeter. 

There are two reoccurring moments of excitement at our hq; one, when we receive new product samples in the mail and two, when new photos roll in from Mag, our photographer. Put your beautiful babies and some Lulujo in front of her camera and we end up with the best brand images, every time. Cue the oohs and aahs! 

You may have seen her pop up behind the scenes on our IG stories - when it comes to photographing Lulujo moms and babes, Mag Hood is our gal. Not only is she an awesome person, she’s a pro moment maker and has captured countless images that tell our brand story beautifully.

Our Milestone Blankets have long been a fan favourite. These boxed sets make a perfect keepsake gift for any expecting mom or dad. And, the coordinating blanket and cards combo makes it easy to create some super cute images to share on your feed. The age cards go from one day to one year and through these photos you will really see how your little one has grown so quickly in their first 12 months. The sweetest. 

Here are Mag’s top five tips for parents for capturing these beautiful moments with your phone, or any camera. 

  • Choose a time when baby is happiest.
  • No one knows your baby’s schedule better than you! Choosing a time to do the photos when your baby is the most content might seem obvious, but it is key to getting great photos. Taking breaks and not forcing it if it isn’t the right time are also great tips to keep in mind throughout the process. 

  • Choose a good location based on natural lighting.
  • The key to great photography is finding good natural light. As a professional photographer, I plan all my shots around light. For these types of shots, I recommend soft, natural window light. Choosing a bright room with indirect daylight coming in through the window (the bigger the better) will be the best way to get clean, crisp and well-lit shots of your adorable baby. I also recommend turning off the flash on your camera or phone, as well as any lamps in the room, and using only natural light to light your baby. 

  • Coordinate an outfit with your blanket.
  • With the wide variety of colours and designs, it is fairly simple to coordinate an adorable outfit with your milestone blanket. You can choose specific colours from the blanket or go more neutral. Solid colour outfits with minimal logos and text tend to photograph the best. 

  • Set up in advance.
  • Having everything set up and ready to shoot before you bring a happy baby into frame makes it easier to get that desired shot. I recommend placing the milestone blanket on top of a soft, light coloured surface that won’t show through the blanket. This will make it more comfortable for your baby. We typically use soft rugs, duvets and plush blankets, all white or off-white in colour. 


  • Photograph from above. 
  • Having a safe and sturdy high vantage point makes it easier to hold the camera or phone directly above your baby and see the whole milestone blanket. Using a step stool is a great way to get a great angle for the shot. 

    With these tips in mind, I hope you’ll be able to create a consistent set-up with the milestone blankets to capture adorable and memorable images of your growing baby. 

    Tag @lulujobaby in your Milestone photos so we can see and share! 
    February 28, 2022 — Lulujo Staff

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