The Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness for Children
Hi, I’m Hannah! Educator, Entrepreneur, and Mama to a little girl with a big spirit.
Six years ago, through my work as an educator, I was introduced to Kids Yoga and immediately fell in love with the creative way that Yoga and Mindfulness was being shared. So I underwent training and began teaching in schools and community organizations, and eventually opened my very own Children’s Yoga Studio.
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People often think of the physical advantages of Yoga, but the benefits far exceed increased flexibility, balance, and strength. Yoga is interlaced with teachings of compassion, mindfulness, happiness, self-awareness, gratitude, and so much more. 
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My job is to teach these important lessons in a fun, engaging way, and create empowering experiences for children that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Yoga doesn’t have to mean twisting yourself into a pretzel or sitting still on a meditation cushion, and parents can easily begin sharing Yoga with their children at home in many different ways. Children are our best imitators, and our actions speak louder than words. Let go of expectations, find ways to make movement and exercise joyful, and just have fun! Your littles will follow suit.
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I am always inspired by nature and the changing seasons, and around this time of year in my classes, I like to introduce themes of appreciation, peace, and togetherness. Give your children the gift of quality time with this fun Winter Yoga sequence you can do together:
After 4 years of teaching Yoga classes, I am ready to expand and embark on a new journey, and will be opening a new centre in the community that will offer Mindful Enrichment and Afterschool Clubs for elementary school children. I'm looking forward to continuing to offer Yoga to children and families in my community, follow our journey at enrichkidscentre.com


Photography by Blueberry Hill Images
February 26, 2020 by Lulujo Staff
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