Hello, I’m Caroline from the blog Top Knot Living. I’m a mama to two little ladies, who currently think I’m the coolest mom ever! Ok, ok one is only 4 months old, but I swear she thinks I’m pretty awesome. The other is 2.5 and she’s my #1 fan. Of course, every 2.5 year old thinks their mom is the absolute best, but what gives me an added touch of coolness is all the twinning we do. She loves it! By the time she’s 16 (if not MUCH sooner), she’s definitely not going to be into matching with her mama, so I’m soaking it all in while I can. 
I love to twin with my girls. Better yet, now that I have two little loves, I’m happy to just have them match. Some days I match every little piece from our head to our toes, while other days I’ll dress us in the same colour or pattern, but my favourite way to twin is with a single item like a t-shirt, or an accessory. This gives me the opportunity to style it a few different ways – I’m pretty much a personal stylist to a baby and a toddler, who gets paid with snuggles and the occasional “I refuse to get dressed” tantrum. It’s pretty much my childhood dream job. 
Mommy & Me Scrunchies Here
When I saw that Lulujo was now carrying mommy and me scrunchies I got SO excited for 2 reasons. First off, my blog is called Top Knot Living because I LIVE in a top knot. For an added touch, I always accessorize my knot with a cute scrunchie (Top Knot Tip: Bow scrunchies look the prettiest). It’s the cutest, most functional “mom hair”, if you ask me. Secondly, their scrunchies match their swaddles and hat sets, which means you can match your baby from day 1!!! Now all 3 of us can match, which not only makes me happy, but it makes doing my daughters hair that much easier. She’ll do anything to get in on twinning with her mama and baby sister, so everyone wins! 
If your little one loves to do everything you do, get in on the twinning STAT! And if you have a little who doesn’t quite have an opinion just yet, take advantage, and play baby stylist while you still can!
Hat & Swaddle Set Here
October 21, 2019 — Lulujo Staff

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