Creating a boho nursery haven for your little one has benefits, like celebrating special hand-me-down heirloom pieces and encouraging self expression.

While bohemian style (or “boho” as it’s affectionately known) originated in France in the nineteenth century, the aesthetic can be well-suited to just about any home, or room, in 2021. Unlike other styles that are rooted in a particular era - think mid-century modern - boho style is inspired by people, places, treasures and memories, and one that you can truly make your own. This highly personal style is often inspired by travel and experiencing different cultures, which is likely why you’re leaning towards creating a boho-inspired space. We’re all reminiscing about our travels and looking forward to the next opportunity to show our little ones a different part of the world. In many ways, boho style isn’t about achieving a particular look - it is about creating a special feeling. 

An eclectic boho aesthetic is a great choice for a nursery as it creates a warm and welcoming environment for babies and parents (and siblings) - a place your family will want to spend time together. A collected, layered and lived-in look - a hallmark of boho style - helps remove the pressure from parents to create a pristine, overly themed nursery that may quickly feel outdated. By adopting a boho mindset and allowing the room to evolve and take shape over time, you also bring your little one in on the journey to create a room of their own. 

So while we all admire perfectly curated rooms with macrame, pampas grass, and muted rainbow wall murals, here are our top 5 tips to give your nursery a boho feeling, whether you’re expecting or looking to reimagine your little one’s abode.

1. Layer textures for cozy moments. Layering adds coziness and a sense of ease to any room, whether it’s pillows, rugs or blankets and swaddles to have at-the-ready for tummy time, nursing time or nap time. We like to layer our textured cotton waffle blankets and soft muslin swaddles with great grandma’s quilts. Peppering swaddles throughout the room helps ensure your boho baby is always close to a comforting blanket.

above: Daisies & Greenery Swaddles / Vanilla Waffle Blanket / Gingham Crib Sheet

2. Highlight heirloom pieces. The true beauty of boho is creating moments where heirloom and priceless family pieces can shine. Whether it’s a grandparent’s keepsake box, a globe from your childhood or a thrifted vintage piece, the items that hold a special place in your heart should be displayed with pride.

3. Mix prints and patterns. It’s time to throw rules about matching to the wayside. Bohemian style was derived from collecting special items from travelling (and part of a nomadic lifestyle). Mixing prints and patterns that you love will make the nursery feel special and personal. Our boho swaddles come in bundles of two to help you achieve this look. Geometric prints and florals are signatures of boho style. We’ve got you covered.


4. Lean into natural materials. Natural materials are timeless, can grow with your little one and help bring together a boho nursery. Opt for real wood (in furniture or decorative touches), rattan, muslin and other natural fabrics, vintage leather and sheepskin, for example.


above: Fish Change Pad Cover

  • 5. Express yourself, and encourage self-expression. Be inspired by the OG bohemians and let your own creative spirit run wild. Style the room in a way that feels right for you and your family and build on it over time. Express yourself, because encouraging self-expression is an important part of a little one’s development - it fosters creativity, independence and self-confidence. 

  • Remember that creating a bohemian-style room takes time. Once you’re able to begin travelling again, bring back pieces that feel right at home in your little one’s room. And most of all, enjoy the process!

    May 27, 2021 — Alicia Tracy

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