You may not have heard of muslin until the arrival of your first baby but now you see it everywhere. Read on to find out why muslin is all the rage in the baby space, and why you'll love it, too.


Breathability. It all comes down to safety of your baby. Because of it's loose weave and thinness, muslin is the trusted choice of fabric when it comes to swaddles and baby blankets. Babies pull their blankets to their face and this fabric offers peace of mind due to its breathability. As well, breathable muslin will prevent overheating as air can flow freely. 

Gentle on skin. Muslin is known for its softness and, in fact, becomes softer over time with wash and wear. It's gentle on baby's delicate skin and less likely to cause skin irritation. As well, muslin made with bamboo feels cool and soothing to the touch.

Ideal for swaddling. It's breathability makes muslin the number one choice for swaddling. You can wrap your baby in a muslin swaddle knowing the fabric helps keep their temperature regulated while warm and comfortable. Also, the loose weave allows the fabric to stretch and mold to your baby's shape for a comfy, cozy sleep.

A multi purpose fabric. Muslin is great for, not only for swaddles, but many other baby items. We love using muslin for our receiving blankets, quilts, sleep sacks, and more. You can also use your muslin blankets over the stroller and car seat as a sun shade and to protect your baby from the elements. 

Absorbent. Muslin will absorb so always having a blanket in arms reach is ideal for wiping up spills or using as a burp cloth. Our bandana bibs are constructed with a layer of absorbent muslin to help keep your little one dry.

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May 31, 2023 — Alicia Tracy

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